I have a number of autographed cards available.  These are for SWAPPING ONLY and will NOT be sold UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Almost all of these autographs I have obtained myself so know they are genuine.  The majority of cards have been signed with a medium tipped black vivid pen.  If you want further information just email for details.


All cards signed on front unless stated otherwise

CODES:   FBV - Fine Black Vivid     MBV = Medium Black Vivid     BBV = Bold Black Vivid

                BKP = Black Pen    BLUP = Blue Pen      BBLUV = Bold Blue Vivid


1991 Regina - Official 1991 NZRFU 1st Edition
PIC No. 22 Grant Fox (1 x BLUP, 1 x MBV) PIC No. 199 Greg Cooper (F-MBV)
PIC No. 37 Con Barrell (MBV) PIC No. 200 Gary Knight (MBV)
PIC No. 56 Grant Fox (MBV) PIC No. 201 Andy Dalton (MBV)
PIC No. 57 Va'aiga Tuigamala (BLUP on back) PIC No. 202 Wilson Wineray (BLUP)
PIC No. 60 Craig Innes (MBV small smudge) PIC No. 206 Waka Nathan (MBV)
PIC No. 114 Duane Monkley (FBV) PIC No. 209 Ross Brown (MBV)
PIC No. 171 Graeme Bachop (1xMBV, 1xBLUP on back) PIC No. 212 Bryan Williams (BKP)
PIC No. 179 Shayne Philpott (MBV)
1995 Card Crazy - Rugby Superstars
PIC No. 1 Slade McFarlane (MBV) PIC No. 57 Todd Blackadder (1 x FBV, 1 x MBV)
PIC No. 18 Craig Dowd (1 x MBV, 1 x BBV) PIC No. 64 Justin Marshall (MBV sml smudge)
PIC No. 20 Robin Brooke (1 x MBV, 1 x BLUP ) PIC No. 69 Mark Myerhofler (MBV)
PIC No. 25 Ofisa Tonu'u (MBV) PIC No. 72 Jeff Wilson (1 x MBV, 1 x BKP)
PIC No. 26 Carlos Spencer (M-BBV) PIC No. 75 Mark Allen (1xBBLV, 1xBBV smudge)
PIC No. 28 Eroni Clarke (MBV) PIC No. 76 Robin Brooke (BLUP)
PIC No. 33 Mark Cooksley (MBV) PIC No. 79 Craig Dowd (1xMBV, 1xFBLV smudge)
PIC No. 35 Duane Monkley (FBV) PIC No. 94 Jeff Wilson (MBV)
PIC No. 36 Dallas Seymour (MBV) PIC No. 95 Anton Oliver (MBV small smudge)
PIC No. 48 Tana Umaga  (MBV slightly smudged) PIC No. 100 Pita Alatini (2xMBV 1 is smudged)
1995 Dynamic - All Blacks
PIC No. 3 Stephen Bachop (MBV smudged) PIC No. 25 Andrew Merhtens (MBV)
PIC No. 5 Robin Brooke (MBV) PIC No. 26 Jeff Wilson (FBV)
PIC No. 13 Stu Forster (F-MBV slight corner knock) PIC No. 27 Laurie Mains (MBV)
PIC No. 14 Norm Hewitt (BBV) PIC No. 31 Colin Meads (F-MBV)
PIC No. 17 Jamie Joseph (MBV)
1996 Card Crazy - Rugby Superstars
PIC No. 3 Eroni Clarke (MBV) PIC No. 47 Stu Forster (MBV)
PIC No. 4 Sean Fitzpatrick (MBV) PIC No. 48 Josh Kronfeld (MBV)
PIC No. 9 Daryl Gibson (MBV) PIC No. 61 Mark Cooksley (MBV)
PIC No. 10 Justin Marshall (MBV) PIC No. 63 Ian Forster (MBV)
PIC No. 12 Mark Mayerhofler (MBV) PIC No. 71 Jason O'Halloran (MBV)
PIC No. 13 Andrew Merhtens (MBV) PIC No. 72 Jon Preston (BLUP)
PIC No. 25 Dallas Seymour (MBV) PIC No. 85 Ian Forster (MBV)
PIC No. 42 Justin Collins (MBV)
1997 Ineda - All Blacks
PIC No. 4 Todd Blackadder (MBV) PIC No. 35 Carlos Spencer (MBV)
PIC No. 6 Robin Brooke (MBV) PIC No. 46 Justin Marshall (MBV)
PIC No. 16 Scott McLeod (MBV) PIC No. 47 Andrew Merhtens (MBV)
PIC No. 18 Norm Hewitt (MBV) PIC No. 55 Andrew Merhtens (MBV)
PIC No. 19 Alama Ieremia (MBV) PIC No. 58 Jonah Lomu (F-MBV)
PIC No. 23 Josh Kronfeld (MBV)
PIC No. 30 Andrew Merhtens (FBV) PIC No. ER10  (MBV smudge)
1997 Ineda - Scratch & Collect
PIC No. 7 Josh Kronfeld (MBV) PIC No. 24 Todd Blackadder (MBV)
PIC No. 9 Justin Marshall (MBV) PIC No. 25 Charles Riechelmann (MBV)
PIC No. 11 Tana Umaga (MBV) PIC No. 26 Mark Cooksley (MBV)
PIC No. 12 Alama Ieremia (MBV) PIC No. 30 Scott McLeod (MBV)
PIC No. 14 Jeff Wilson (MBV) PIC No. 31 Anton Oliver (MBV)
PIC No. 20 Ofisa Tonu'u (MBV) PIC No. 32 Glen Taylor (MBV)
1992 Shell - Rugby Greats
PIC No. 16 Wilson Whineray (BLUP) PIC No. 33 Waka Nathan (F-MBV)
PIC No. 19 Graeme Mourie (FBV)
1997 North's Bread - Canterbury Crusaders
PIC No. 2 Mark Hammett (MBV slight smudge) PIC No. 7 Scott Robertson (MBV smudge)
PIC No. 3 Con Barrell (MBV) PIC No. 9 Justin Marshall (MBV slight smudge)
PIC No. 5 Norman Maxwell (MBV slight smudge) PIC No. 10 Andrew Merhtens (MBV)
PIC No. 6 Todd Blackadder (MBV) PIC No. 12 Mark Mayerhofler (MBV very slight smudge)
1998 Cadbury - Memorable Moments
PIC No. 2 Robin Brooke (MBV) PIC No. 14 Anton Oliver (MBV)
PIC No. 13 Mark Mayerhofler (MBV)
1998 Caltex - Rugby Super 12 Tacklers
PIC No. 9 Gordon Slater (MBV) PIC No. 11 Robertson (MBV smudge)
1998 Caltex - Rugby Super 12 Stickers
PIC Clarke (MBV) PIC Vidiri (MBV)
PIC Dowd (MBV)
PIC Riechelmann (MBV)
PIC Howlett (MBV) PIC Tiatia (F-MBV)
PIC O'Halloran (BBV) PIC Waller (FBV)
PIC Slater (MBV)
PIC Collins (MBV) PIC Robinson (MBV)
PIC MacDonald (F-MBV) PIC Smith (MBV)
PIC Miller (MBV very slight smudge) PIC Thomson (MBV)
PIC Randle (MBV)
PIC Barrell (MBV) PIC Mayerhofler (MBV)
PIC Blackadder (MBV) PIC Merhtens (MBV)
PIC Hammett (MBV) PIC Robertson (MBV)
PIC Maxwell (FBV) PIC So'oalo (MBV)
PIC Blaikie (FBV) PIC Oliver (MBV)
PIC Hoeft (MBV) PIC Wilson (MBV)
PIC Meeuws (MBV)
1998 Tararua Yarrows Taranaki
PIC Fale (MBV) PIC Feek (MBV)
PIC Faoagali (MBV) PIC Slater (MBV)
1999 Meadowfresh South Island Stars of Rugby
PIC Blackadder (MBV) PIC Maxwell (1 x FBV, 1 x MBV)
PIC Gibson (MBV) PIC Meeuws (MBV)
PIC Hammett (MBV) PIC Merhtens (1 x FBV, 1 x MBV)
PIC Marshall (MBV) PIC Robertson (MBV)
1999 Sanitarium - Collective Force
PIC Dowd (MBV) PIC Wilson (MBV)
PIC Merhtens (FBV)
1999 Canterbury RFU - Ford/More FM Canterbury Crusaders
PIC Blackadder (MBV) PIC So'oalo (MBV)
PIC MacDonald (MBV)
2000 Sanitarium - All Blacks Best Moments
PIC Maxwell (MBV) PIC Merhtens (MBV)
PIC Meeuws (MBV) PIC Umaga (MBV)
2001 McDonald's - Rugby Super 12
PIC Kelleher (MBV) PIC Thorne (MBV)
2001 Sky TV - Sky Sport
PIC No. 1 Blues - Orene Ai'i (MBV) PIC No. 3 Highlanders - Brendan Laney (MBV)
PIC No. 2 Chiefs - Bruce Reihana (MBV)
2001 Sanitarium - All Blacks 1000 Strong 1903-2001
PIC Alatini (M-BBLUV) PIC Oliver (MBV)
PIC Blackadder (MBV) PIC Randell (M-BBV)
PIC Hoeft (1 x MBV, 1 x M-BBV) PIC Shelford (BLUP)
PIC Howlett (MBV) PIC Skinner (1 x FBV, 1 x MBV)
PIC Fox (MBV) PIC Somerville (BLUP)
PIC Mourie (1 x F-MBV, 1 x FBV, 1 x BLUP) PIC Umaga (FBV)
2002 Sanitarium - All Blacks Training Tips
PIC Howlett (MBV)
2002 Meridian - Canterbury NPC Players
PIC Marshall (MBV) PIC Robertson (MBV)
PIC Mauger/Mauger (MBV) both signatures on card PIC Somerville/Feek  (MBV) both signatures on card
PIC Maxwell/Jack (MBV) both signatures on card
2004 The Press - Crusaders Ultimate Supporters Pack
PIC Laulala (MBV)
2006 Sanitarium - All Blacks 2006 Collectors Series
PIC So'oialo (MBV)
2007 Sanitarium - All Blacks Stat Attack
PIC Sivivatu (MBV)
2008 Sanitarium - All Blacks Stat Attack II
PIC Sivivatu (MBV)


1994 Sports Deck - International Rugby Collectors Cards
PIC No. 82 Eroni Clarke (MBV)
1995 Futera - Wallabies
PIC No. 75 Matthew Burke (MBV)
1996 Futera - Wallabies
PIC No. 3 Matthew Burke (1xF-MBV, 1 x MBV) PIC No. 46 Jacob Raulini (MBV)
PIC No. 11 George Gregan (MBV) PIC No. 61 Sam Payne (MBV)
PIC No. 35 Michael Foley (MBV) PIC No. 85 George Gregan (MBV)
1999 Panini - The Official Trading Card Collection (South Africa)
PIC No. 44 Andrew Merhtens (MBV)
1996 Sports Deck - Top 100 Rugby Stars
PIC No. 20 Mark Andrews (FBV)
1999 Merlin/Panini - Rugby World Cup
PIC No. 71 Todd Blackadder (MBV)
1998 Bank of Queensland - Queensland Reds
PIC David Wilson (BBV)
2001 Sanitarium Aust - How Many Weet-Bix Do You Do?
PIC George Gregan (MBV) PIC George Smith (MBV Smudge)
PIC Stephen Larkham (MBV)